preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

  • 3 Reasons To Get Small Dents Fixed On Your Car

    If you were recently involved in an auto collision and have several small dents in your car, you may be trying to make the decision whether to fix them or leave them. While this is your choice, there are several reasons why you should consider fixing them, even if the dents are relatively small. Here are three things you should consider as you make this decision. They Will Affect The Value Of Your Car

  • Was One Of Your Fleet Trucks Damaged In An Accident? What Now?

    If you own or manage a fleet of heavy-duty commercial trucks, you're likely only earning money for your business when your vehicles are on the road. An accident that leaves a fleet vehicle inoperable, even for a brief period of time, can significantly impact your bottom line by forcing you to cancel or reroute shipments or delaying deliveries. How can you minimize the repair costs you pay following an accident, and what should you do to keep your operations moving while your vehicle is being repaired?

  • Should You Have Your RV Remodeled?

    If you've recently retired and are planning to travel the country with your spouse in your RV, you may be giving some thought into sprucing up the interior or adding some amenities that will make it easier for you to live on the road for a few months. When every square inch is precious, increasing your interior space by even a small amount by installing smart storage options can pay big dividends.

  • Oh, Deer! Minor Damage That Could Cause Your Vehicle To Fail Inspection

    Imagine this – You are driving along in your old car when, suddenly, a deer darts out in front of you. You don't swerve to miss the deer due to oncoming traffic, so you hit the deer head on. You get out of the vehicle and look at the damage, but it doesn't seem too bad. The corner of the bumper is dented, the headlight is broken, but the engine still purrs like a kitten.

  • How To Apply A Faux Wood Grain Finish To A Vehicle's Exterior

    If you are thinking of adding a wood grain finish to an older vehicle, but don't believe it's a practical do-it-yourself job, you may want to reconsider. It isn't as hard as you may think to create a faux wood grain finish; all it takes is a little practice, a few inexpensive tools and patience. Below is what you need to do to create a "woody" station wagon look or any other custom wood grain finish you wish:

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preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

When you washed your car last, did you take the time to really inspect the body? Did you notice any rust forming anywhere on the body? Are you aware of the fact that allowing the rust unrepaired will eventually cause you a great deal of grief. On my site, you will find some tips on preventing rust, how to make small repairs yourself and advice on when to have the professionals take a look. I have learned through personal experience how costly rust can be if you do not take the time and invest the money in making the small repairs. Hopefully, the information I have provided you can help you avoid the same expenses.