preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

Should You Have Your RV Remodeled?

Tommy Perkins

If you've recently retired and are planning to travel the country with your spouse in your RV, you may be giving some thought into sprucing up the interior or adding some amenities that will make it easier for you to live on the road for a few months. When every square inch is precious, increasing your interior space by even a small amount by installing smart storage options can pay big dividends. When is it worthwhile to have your RV remodeled or updated, and what changes can pay for themselves during your first trip? Read on to learn more about some of the changes you can make by remodeling and the costs you may be able to expect.

What RV remodels are available?

As with homes, tastes in RV design and decor change from decade to decade. If your RV is beginning to look dated, you may opt to swap out your dark cabinets with white ones or change your counter from a pebbled to smooth laminate. In addition to these aesthetic changes, you may find that wear and tear on soft surfaces can require the re-upholstery or replacement of mattresses, couch cushions, and carpets.

More significant changes can be made by removing cabinets entirely and changing the floor plan of your RV to make better use of awkward areas as storage space. By installing additional overhead or below-floor storage, repair contractors can expand the amount of living space available while maintaining or increasing your storage space and making it easier to bring along all the items you'll need while on the road.

Are there any improvements that will pay for themselves over time?

When you're planning to drive your RV across the country, your most significant expenses will usually be gasoline, food, and electricity charges. There are certain aspects of your remodel that can be structured to reduce your costs in all three areas.

Decreasing the weight of your RV can go a long way toward improving fuel efficiency. By remodeling and using lighter-weight materials than those previously installed, you should be able to squeeze a few extra miles out of each gallon of gas.

Eating out on a daily basis can be expensive and unhealthy, so the more extensive your cooking and food storage abilities, the cheaper and healthier your road trip will be. Ensuring you have plenty of refrigerator and freezer storage space can allow you to prepare fresh foods on the go and won't require you to go grocery shopping at each stop. Finally, by investing in energy-efficient appliances or even installing solar panels on your RV's roof you'll be able to reduce your rig's electricity consumption, which can be handy when you're at a campsite that charges a flat rate per kWh consumed. 

How much will you pay to have your RV remodeled?

Costs for the labor and materials used in your remodel can vary widely by area, although you'll likely pay a fairly consistent price for appliances no matter where in the country you are. For example, a new refrigerator designed in an appropriate size for your RV can cost you $2,000 or more. However, in nearly all cases it's more cost-effective to remodel your existing RV (particularly if you have the free time to source parts or perform some of the labor yourself) than to purchase a new RV.

One exception to this rule comes into play when your current RV is having mechanical issues that could mean expensive repair costs. If you're already planning to sink money into a remodeling project, adding in a new engine, transmission, or other major component could push your budget to the breaking point. In situations like this, selling your RV on the private market or trading it in may be the wiser option.

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preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

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