preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

Three Myths About Remote Starters And The Truth Surrounding Those Myths

Tommy Perkins

If you read it on the internet, it must be right, right? This is not the case and the internet is filled with misinformation. If you are looking to purchase a remote starter for your car, you may have come across myths or information that is not correct. Here are three common myths surrounding remote starters and the truth surrounding those myths. 

You Can't Get a Remote Starter With a Manual Transmission

One of the most common myths floating around about remote starters is that you cannot have one installed in your car if you have a manual transmission. There is a small amount of truth to this myth. When remote starters first came out, they couldn't be used in cars with manual transmissions. However, the technology used by these starters has since evolved and these units can now be used in cars with a manual transmission. 

You Can Install a Remote Starter Yourself

Another common myth is that you can install a remote starter yourself. While you technically could attempt to install it yourself, it is a bad idea to try to do so. If you fail to install it properly, you can cause electrical damage to your car. This can be costly to fix. If your car is under warranty, you could also void the warranty of your car by attempting to do unlicensed electrical work to it. Lastly, you can void the warranty of the starter by failing to use an authorized professional to install the starter on your behalf. As such, this is a task you should leave to the professionals. 

A Remote Starter is Only Useful in Cold Weather Climates

One of the ways a remote starter can be used is to heat an icy or snow-covered car in the dead of winter. As such, some people think this is the only use for a remote starter. That is not true. A remote starter can also help to cool a car on a hot day, or just get the car started, so you can get out of a parking lot quickly if you feel unsafe. If you do not live in a cold-weather climate, a remote starter can still be useful to you. 

When you are in the market for a remote starter, it is always best to fully educate yourself on the truths surrounding one. This is the best way to ensure the remote starter meets your needs and that you understand its fully functionality. 


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preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

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