preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

Comparing Collision Repair Methods

Tommy Perkins

When it comes to auto collision repairs, there is often more than one way to fix the problem. That is, you can often fix the exact same dent in a few different ways. Of course, most dents will make one method more practical than another, but it often comes down to a decision. You often need to choose between two methods. There could be a lot of things to consider that could affect the overall cost of the project and the deprecation of your car's overall value. This is definitely the case when it comes to choosing between paint-less dent repair and using body filler. This article compares the two common repair methods.

What is Paint-less Dent Repair?

First of all, paint-less dent repair is really only an option when there isn't any significant or visible damage to your paint. It works best when you car body is dented, but the paint is still intact. Of course, if your dent involved significant paint loss, you won't have this option. Instead, you will need to have your dent repaired and repainted.

The entire point of paint-less dent repair is to fix the damaged area and bring the car body back to its original shape without using any paint or body filler. If your dent is repaired with paint and auto body filler, the fixed area is probably going to be noticeable. That is, when professionals look closely at your car, they will be able to tell where major patches were made. This will ultimately decrease the value of your car. So, if you want to keep up the value of your car, you should consider paint-less dent repair when possible.

The main drawback to paint-less dent repair is that it is far more expensive and rare. The process involves using complicated machines (some even use lasers) that precisely map out the damage and guide the repairman with reshaping the car body. This is meticulous work that needs to be done by pros. While the majority of auto body shops can do patch jobs with autobody filler, fewer have the machinery and skills to do paint-less dent repair. Because of this, it is going to be much more expensive.

Of course, this might be well worth the investment if you have a new luxury car that you want to keep up the value of. But if you have an old car that is only worth a few grand, you shouldn't spend so much on paint-less dent repair.

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preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

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