preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Body Repair

Tommy Perkins

Have you recently been in a relatively minor automobile accident, but you only have basic car insurance? Do you now have to figure out how to pay for the repairs out of pocket? Unfortunately, even minor car repairs can be expensive if you're on a limited budget. However, there are still a few things that you can do to make the final price more affordable. Some of the things that you may want to look into include:

Save repainting for later: If your car ran into a tree, you may have a relatively large dent and some paint loss. Surprisingly, dealing with the dent itself may not be the most expensive part of your auto body repair. Depending on the exact location, size, and shape of the dent, the repair shop may be able to pull or hammer out the dent in less than an hour. Unless you tell them otherwise, they will then repaint the panel so that it matches the rest of the car. Due to all the various car colors out there and the skill required for a good automotive paint job, even just repainting one fender may cost more than fixing the dent. Although your car definitely needs the paint to protect the metal, it should be fine for a month or two while you set aside the necessary money.

Installing used parts: Not every auto body repair shop will agree to install things like used body panels or second-hand bumpers, so make sure to ask about this option before bringing your vehicle in. A used body panel or bumper is generally exactly the same as a brand-new one from a dealership, with two minor exceptions. The first is that they are typically a fraction of the price that it would cost to purchase a new part. The second difference is that they may be a completely different paint color. If you don't mind driving around in a blue car with a bright red fender until you can afford to have your fender repainted, used parts can save you a lot of money.

Using multiple repair shops: Although it's most convenient to only use one shop, it may save you money if you use the services of multiple shops. For example, the accident may have caused damage to the engine. For that, you might take it to a transmission repair shop or some other shop that specializes in engine repair. Then for the exterior damage, you'd take your vehicle to an actual auto body repair shop. Specialty shops are more likely to have the appropriate parts already in stock and to charge a lower price for the same repairs than an all-in-one shop that repairs both engines and body damage.

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preventing and reparing rust to reduce costs

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